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Strength & Conditioning

Face to face coaching designed help you - Get stronger, Move better, Become Leaner, Become Faster, Increase Work Capacity

The ultimate way to achieve your goals in day to day life or the sporting environment.

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Making the strength and conditioning services available those that aren't able to get to the gym.

Remote programs written for you and delivered online.

Competition Support

Helping to maximise your performance in the sporting arena. Allowing you to focus on what you need to extract the maximum potential from your body.


Sport 21 Agency: 

We have a passion for motorsport and a wealth of experience across Formula 1, DTM, WEC, Formula E, British GT, Le Mans, 24h Series & VLN

We help our clients secure the very best opportunities with leading teams.

Opportunities that have created the ideal platform for success.

PUSH: The worlds first scientifically validated wearable device. The Push band can be attached to the forearm or bar and provides real-time feedback on the velocity of an athlete’s lifts in the weight room. Data that can help validate the coach’s instinct and support the decisions on the spot or after a workout when building training plans. The Push band also measures other metrics such as Power (W) and Total Work (kJ). 

“As a coach I am delighted to be powered by Push and to partner with them. The Push Band 2.0 has become a staple of my training with all my clients. The real time feedback, easy to use app and ability to monitor everything from bodyweight, resistance and free movements is a real game changer in maximising performance in the gym, optimising a workouts and testing.” 

To find out more about the PUSH band check out their website by clicking the logo to the left.

Born in Hackney, East London, in 2012, TCA is a story of ambition, growth, struggle and success – and that was the first six months. It’s a pattern that can be seen in any great project or sporting achievement. Determination, competitive spirit, and a will to win have driven TCA from the start.At TCA, we create competitive apparel that fits, performs, and lasts. It’s sportswear inspired by reality, and built using the best fabrics and technologies. But it’s only sportswear. We can’t win a race, score a point or beat an opponent for you, we can only provide the tools. The rest is up to you.

“I’m proud to partner with TCA and a big fan of their clothing. Having used them for months both coaching and training, putting them through some tough tests in the gym they have always never let me down. The TCA clothing is incredibly comfortable, functional both in and out the gym, stylish and most of all run by a great team and great people with a real passion for what they do.” 

To find out more or have a look at their range check out their website by clicking the logo on the left.

Founded in Australia by sports physiotherapist Randall Cooper in the early 2000’s, Premax produce and supply incredible quality sports skincare products including sport massage lotions, anti-friction products, sports sunscreen, sports grip and more. 

They are driven not just by quality but by a pure passion for looking after the athletes and individuals.

I have been fortunate enough to use the Premax products since they first entered the UK. They are easily my hands down choice and a staple in both my own training bag and for use with clients. 

To find out more about Premax and their range click the logo on the left to list their site.

BNAthlete: The premier private training facility in Surrey (UK). Located in the stunning Surrey hills location close to the large towns of Dorking, Reigate and Guildford. 

The BNAthlete provides high quality training facilities and coaching to everyone from elite international athletes to everyday people. BNAthlete prides itself on world class training and top quality facilities to match.

Jasmine is a world class performance nutritionist. With a BSc and MSc in sport and exercise science she has focussed on performance nutrition working with a wide range of individuals from all backgrounds. As well as lecturing and presenting in the field of performance nutrition, Jasmine has worked with a wide range of athletes and sports teams from Boxing, Rowing, Cycling, Hockey, motorsport and more. If you are looking for performance nutrition then this is who I would recommend.

Fix My Injury – A fantastic go to for anyone needing rehabilitation, physiotherapy or sports massage: Both Kevin and Jack Petersen have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of sports massage, rehabilitation and physiotherapy. Along with thousands of hours combined hands on experience with people suffering in daily life. They also have experience working at the Olympics, Common Wealth Games, with premiership football teams, Strictly come dancing, British snowboard and more. 

As a graduate from the school of Health and Life Science at Coventry University I am proud to support them. Both as an institution to learn at and a facility for performance testing. The Faculty of Health and Life Sciences has some work class facilities and staff offering a whole range of performance testing, biomechanics, physiotherapy and sports medicine services. 

To find out more visit their website through the link in the logo to the left.