Bringing Out The Athlete In Everyone

It doesn’t matter if you are an athlete, office worker, work in a shop or are enjoying you’re retirement. Maximising your potential will help you to be unstoppable in all aspects of your life. 

The Components

Strength & Power

Strength underpins everything. Getting you stronger will improve your daily life, improve your sporting performance, protect your joins and injury proof you. The strength and conditioning will:

- Build lean muscle
- Develop strength
- Increase CNS efficiency
- Improve motor unit recruitment
- Develop explosive power
- Develop muscular endurance

Endurance & Work Capacity

Efficient energy systems are a key element in performance in the sporting environment, or in daily life. The training will help you to:

- Develop strong efficient aerobic pathways
- Develop energy systems
- Develop lactic acid tolerance
- Improve your work capacity
- Improve efficiency
- Improve cardiovascular health

Movement & Mobility

The ability to move well and be mobile will keep you injury free, moving as the body is intended too and reduce your risk of injuries. This element of your training will:

- Address any mobility issues
- Improve overall movement capacity
- Reduce injury risk
- Improve posture

Body Composition

Whether looking to reduce body fat, improve your appearance or you need to hit certain weights and body composition for performance.

The training will help you to:
- Build Lean Muscle
- Reduce Body Fat
- Lose Weight

Reactions & Co-ordination

Reactions and co-ordination play a role in daily life from balance and proprioception through to reacting to stimulus at high speed in sport. Your training will:

- Improve proprioception
- Develop spacial awareness
- Increase reaction speeds
- Improve balance

The Process

The coaching process and process of delivering you results has been refined over 10,000+ hours of coaching experience and over 10 years hands on coaching. This process has been shown to work with all clients from someone just starting out on their fitness journey to athletes competing at the highest levels. 

This process has delivered lifestyle, performance, aesthetic results for clients all over the world. 

So what are the steps?

The initial stage is a face to face consultation. This allows me to dig deeper into your goals, motivation and where you currently are. The fundamental information that lets us create a road map to success for you.


Next up is a full assessment and movement screening. It provides us with a baseline and some solid numbers from which to work, it also provides a benchmark for us to compare to when we retest later 


From there we move into your strength and conditioning. This will be a bespoke program. While it will depend on your training experience and current level, for most the initial stages will be general physical prep (GPP). Here we will look to improve your work capacity and movement capacity. This stage won’t be working at very high intensities or weights. It will however challenge you and lay the foundations from which we can build.

Once the foundations are laid, we can begin to build in the intensity and load as we progress through the training phases. Delivering you the results you want and more.


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