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America Has The Right Approach To Health, Fitness and Sports Performance

Now some may think that statement a bit strange when the Nation overall is known for having one of biggest problems with obesity of any country in the world, has also managed to lead the way when it comes to training, fitness and many aspects of sport.

Now it is my first time in America while I am here with the F1 in Austin and the insight I have managed to get into the approach taken towards fitness and training in the few days I have been here away from the track has surpassed even my expectations.

First of all the money and effort put in to college and University sports is  evident when you see the facilities …the Texas Longhorns stadium here in Austin is bigger than most stadiums in the UK, the training facilities are far beyond 90% of those available for professional football or rugby teams. A great example of this is on YouTube and is the LSU cribs feature.

Aside from this I am fortunate this week in having access to the DeFranco’s gym at the Onnit Academy here in Austin to train in and the facilities blow anything I have come across in the UK out of the water.

Dont get me wrong there are some fantastic gyms in the UK..look at W10 performance, the training lab, city athletic to name a few but none can compete with this.

Walking in to the 10,000sq ft facility and you are greeted with 4 Olympic lifting platforms, an abundance of space, dedicated areas for callisthenics, rowers, rooms for kettlebells, mace and classes. And all of this is open to the public who can use the facilities, get to train with the coaches responsible for training some of America’s top athletes and rub shoulders with NFL players or the likes of Bode Miller while training. One of the biggest things that has been evident while training at the Onnit Academy too isn’t just the standard of the facilities, but the way this is combined with some fantastic and world class coaches and staff who you can see clearly have a real passion for what they do.

Now we have some fantastic coaches and trainers in the UK who will rival anybody in the world, but the investment in sport, in sports facilities and developing athletes just isn’t there compared to America…while there are many things we do right and yes there are fault with the approach to health and fitness in both America and the UK, how we invest in facilities to develop talent is something we really can learn from the Americans.

When you see these facilities it’s no wonder that America regularly performs so well in medal tables at events such as the Olympics.

By Alex Stott

If you are in Austin make sure to check out DeFranco’s gym at the Onnit academy

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