About Me

I have been coaching for 10 years and 10,000+ hours. In that time I have worked with everyone from Formula 1 drivers and elite international racing drivers, professional boxers, student athletes, young athletes and everyday people with aesthetic or health based goals. 

Over the 10 years of coaching I have developed tried, tested and proven methods of delivering results. Both in the sporting arena and outside. 

I have been fortunate enough to have travelled the world coaching and to have spent time around some fantastic coach’s to learn from. 

I have contributed to a number of publications from Red Bull, Train with Push, Tabata Times and more.  

As a strength and conditioning coach I pride myself on delivering the highest quality training and coaching. Whether you are an athlete or not. 

This means going above and beyond for clients, as nothing is more important than helping them to achieve their results. 

My coaching is all about science meeting experience, utilising the latest research, training methods and experience gained from within the strength and conditioning community. Tied in with proven methods that are shown to work.

This passion and commitment means that I have a roster of professional racing drivers, Formula 1 teams and the Jorge & Angel boxing academy as clients. While also being head coach at the BNAthlete gym in Surrey, a high quality facility that matches the training. 


As a Coach

  • BSc in Sport & Exercise Science
  • UKAD accredited advisor
  • UKSCA member
  • Qualified sports massage therapist
  • Consultant for ProPerformance
  • Consultant for McLaren
  • Consultant for Performe Health
  • Porsche Human Performance Centre
  • Consultant for Coventry FC
  • Coventry University Cricket S&C coach
  • 35+ racing drivers including 5 Formula 1 drivers
  • 10+ Professional boxers

As an athlete

  • National League 2 Rugby Union
  • County cross country athlete
  • County 200m sprinter
  • Country champions in cricket 5 years in a row
  • Junior record holder 5 years in a row in both 100m and 200m

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