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Soft Tissue Therapy…Something Worth Travelling For

When I say that yesterday for me involved a 5 hour round trip to Bristol for some soft tissue therapy work, many would say I was mad or that was extreme.

The training, food you eat and sleep are important for progress. Yet neglect to look after your mobility, muscles and avoid soft tissue work the effort you put in can be undone.

My role with drivers and athletes is not just about training, but also about recovery. Soft tissue work is a key element of this. Regular work during competition is something that really helps keep a their bodies in top condition. Especially when coping with the extreme stresses and physical demands in hot climates. It is the same with any physical training, they all take their toll on your body.

Thats why I made that trip. For me a 5 hour round trip to Starks Fitness in Bristol to see David Lees (Pinnacle Performance) is more than worth it, especially when there was a fun training session with a few of the Starks coaches before hand. David has worked on some of my niggles a number of times now at Combined Strength group weekends and I can’t rate him highly enough.

For me travelling to see someone who I have trust in. Someone who is not only very talented with soft tissue work, but understands the physiology and theory behind it. An individual who trains hard themselves too and understands the stress on the body is more than worth the investment in time. If you are in or near Bristol then I would highly recommend looking him up. Then invest in an hour of time in your recovery by going to see him.

I know that for many 5 hour hour trip is extreme, most people won’t have the time. So ask around, and check out your local area. Find a sports massage therapist or soft tissue therapist with good a good reputation. Book in to go and see them for an hour and look after your body. It will not just benefit your recovery, mobility and posture, but your training too.

So next time you are stiff, sore, struggling with mobility or have been training hard, treat yourself. Invest in a hour with a sports massage therapist or soft tissue therapist and see how you feel after. If you don’t come away feeling much better than you did before had I would be very surprised.

On a side note, if you are in or near Bristol and looking for a fantastic coach to take you to the next level. The two places I recommend you check out would be Starks Fitness or Andy and Cam at Pure Results Fitness in Portishead.

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